Miles Young registered the Kennel name initially, in around 1978, with the first two dogs, our foundation dogs ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniels):

Rubbish - Ch Bembridge Renzo of Bonne Imp UK born 17.08.71 (we got him when he was 6yrs)
Chloe - Canden Joan - born 3.01.78 bred by Dennis Riggs in PE

 We registered all litters from the start with the first litter all having names beginning with "A" and being born on 7.12.79 The last litter of Cavaliers was the "M" litter born 20.03.00.

We then imported Mabel from the UK in 1996 when she was just under a year (born 18.03.95). She is the only Cavalier who has not had the kennel name Shamanda added as her own name was so long we decided it would never be seen (Catherine of Braganza Charlottetown).

The other breed to be registered under the Shamanda kennel name when it was in Miles' name only were the Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Groenendaels) starting with Glitz (Corcroft Glitz of Shamanda) born 4.09.88.

In 2004, Miles' Daughter, Amanda, was added as a partner in the Kennel.


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